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Sponsored Enterprise Infrastructure White Papers, Case Studies and Webcasts

Smarter Analytics for Insurers - Unlevel the Playing Field with Intelligent Infrastructures

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: IBM
Insurance providers, such Unipol Group, Primerica, Unum Group, and Swiss Re, are using a smarter analytics approach to be more customer-centric, predict and control costs better, understand and monitor dynamic risk, and enhance decisions to be more agile in the marketplace—learn how in the following white paper.

Case Study Barbour

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: Rackspace
In this informative case study, discover the power of collaboration and better understand why having the right hosting company on the job makes all the difference.

BI in the Cloud: BI Leadership Benchmark Report

  RESOURCE | sponsored by: TechTarget
Organizations using BI in the cloud have reaped substantial benefits so why hasn't its adoption gained more traction? Complete this short survey and gain access to Wayne Eckerson's handbook, BI in the Cloud.

Make Better Decision Faster with Business Analytics on IBM Power Systems

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: IBM
The following white paper explores how you can enable your business analytics to perform faster by pairing it with the right systems architecture. See how by doing this you can create a scalable analytics solution that can deliver on speed, accuracy, and more.

Encryption Buyer's Guide

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: Sophos, Inc.
This white paper offers 3 key questions to ask an encryption vendor to help you find a tool that best fits your business needs.

Content Analytics and the High Performing Enterprise

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: IBM
The following white paper explores the business need for content analytics as well as the various pain points that could cause issues during implantation. Learn what components are necessity for smooth operations, how to extract insights, and more.

Debunking the Myths: Cloud HA and DR

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: SIOS Technology Corp
Take a look at this resource to uncover 5 DR and HA in cloud deployment myths, so you can reduce the risk of downtime and data loss, and save big bucks.

Best Practices for Cloud Adoption

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: IBM
This interactive resource allows you to generate a custom report on the benefits and best practices of cloud implementation for your organization.

A History of the Cloud and Beyond

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: Equinix
This whitepaper provides an overview of cloud computing, including definitions of public, private and hybrid clouds, how to get started and much more.

Amazon Web Services: An Overview

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: Global Knowledge
This whitepaper provides a comprehensive explanation of Amazon Web Services and shows you how it can help your organization.

Optimizing process management with IBM System z white paper

  WHITE PAPER | sponsored by: IBM
Read this white paper to learn more about the types of process problems that business process management (BPM) can address and how to determine where they exist in your organization so you can prioritize projects and start experiencing the benefits of BPM.

Crafting a DCM architecture: Principles, priorities and components to consider

  EGUIDE | sponsored by: IBM
Designing a dynamic case management (DCM) architecture is more of an art—really, a balancing act—than a science. In this expert e-guide, readers will learn to address key principles and considerations involved in designing an effective DCM architecture, and incorporate organizational values and priorities into such an architecture.

Social/collaborative trends, techniques and technologies for case management

  EGUIDE | sponsored by: IBM
In this tip guide, consultant and ebizQ.com contributor Stephanie Quick explains the top social/collaborative trends, techniques and technologies involved in case management today.

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